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  1. Everyone can agree on this
  2. Site feedback thread
  3. Cartoon Thread
  4. Probably going to get a win for religious freedom and free exercise out of
  5. I'm starting to get concerned about these deep fakes in the political arena:
  6. If witnesses are called this should be numero uno on the list.
  7. Poor Nancy melting down.
  8. Good perspective on the politics that really matter from the past 20 years
  9. Supreme Court tie breaker?
  10. CNN now mad at Trump for his coronavirus task force
  11. Wealth Distribution at it's widest in decades
  12. Ilhan Omar with a kept man thank to her donors.
  13. The Week in Review ICYMI
  14. FUnny tweet about the party of old rich white guys:
  15. Rush diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
  16. 2020 will be decided by Florida
  17. Sort of interesting article:
  18. Lisa Boothe is not hot
  19. Trump wins emoluments case
  20. Pelosi said she had ripped her SOTU address because it was full of lies
  21. James Carville on current state of democratic party
  22. Trump Supporter slams his van into a Dem Voter Registration Tent in FL; Arrested
  23. Question for Dems: Why does conservative economic success piss you off?
  24. If you fire shots into a victim while carjacking, how many yrs should you get?
  25. Far left dem attends a Trump rally
  26. Bloomberg will be the Democratic nominee
  27. China produces 97% of our antibiotics
  28. Good article on the differences between socialism and capitalism.
  29. Hey Democrats, can you answer this question this man asks?
  30. Anybody remember Stormy Daniels' attorney that was a potential Dem Prez candidate?
  31. LMAO uh-GAIN at NYC dems ignoring common sense criminal law
  32. Illegal Immigration under the Orange Loser
  33. Bloomberg caught on tape advocating Death Panels in 2011
  34. Trump names neocon Richard Grinnell to DNI
  35. This is interesting:
  36. I'm guessing this is not true:
  37. SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Trump's New Law--NO to Green Cards if You Rely on Welfare
  38. Is Chris Matthews suggesting we'd be better off with Trump if Bernie wins?
  39. When will the SEC add SarcastiBall???
  40. Public School "History Lesson" Compares Trump to Nazis and Soviets
  41. Coronavirus will be Trump's downfall.
  42. Biden just needs to call it a career
  43. Reducing the marriage penalty for the working class seems like it could be one of the
  44. Court Rules in Favor of Trump; Time is Running out for Sanctuary Cities
  45. How Bernie developed his platform
  46. Saudi Arabia suspends people from entering country for Umrah pilgrimage
  47. HR 40, where do you stand on the issue?
  48. AP fact checks Dems on coronavirus claims
  49. We really are stupid:
  50. I primaried Kay Granger yesterday despite Trump's endorsement of her
  51. Chuck Schumer Threatens SC Judges Kavanaugh & Gorsuch-Abortion Case
  52. Hate Speech in Kindergarten
  53. Team Trump Doing Good Work on the Border (especially for you Rex)
  54. Reason 7,358 I'll never live in New Jersey
  55. Sanders wants felons to vote while in prison
  56. The Obana / Biden Green Energy Legacy
  57. 2020 Map Predictions
  58. Coronavirus
  59. Interesting articles on proposed payroll cut:
  60. Liberal Media: Enemy of the People
  61. O.T. Since I can't post on ED, here's some GTHOM pics you can share if you want
  62. We are entering a new paradigm
  63. Interesting tidbit on availability of ventilators in the US:
  64. NY Gov calling for communist principles to be implemented due to coronavirus
  65. We are witnessing the collapse of goober modern "conservatism" in real time.
  66. It's a shame a deceitful media have this much power. Burn it all down to hurt Trump.
  67. Think this is a pretty reasonable argument for a stimulus package and what it should
  68. 3 repubs 1 dem senators are in deep shit
  69. Capitalism - Profits over People
  70. Dems demand green new deal laws in stimulus
  71. Something non-Wuhan related:
  72. Seems somewhat stupid that we're about to bail out equity of companies like airlines.
  73. Haven't fact checked this, but if it's not fake , we need to stop all support of WHO
  74. Just looked at the summary of the Coronavirus stimulus bill
  75. New Orleans mayor: It's Trump's fault he didn't tell her to cancel Mardi Gras
  76. A Reminder of how horrible the Deep State Sunk to Thwart our Democracy
  77. TDS, Lying Politicans & Fake News
  78. We must end democracy to ensure western civilization
  79. Fed actions supporting the market in general are also blowing up parts of the market:
  80. Childish Bed Wetting Pu$$Y Thread--My Pillow Guy Triggering Menstruating Leftists
  81. Link on hospital capacit
  82. Why, why, why are liberals
  83. Capitalism destroys culture
  84. British child murdered by Somali migrant
  85. I'm not one to begrudge our LEOs anything in Mississippi.
  86. Manipulation thru Racial Hoaxes--Fake News trying to get people more "WOKE"
  87. Well I'll be damn, this site is back?
  88. New Transcripts show the Russian Hoax was a Hoax from the beginning
  89. FAKE NEWS-- CBS caught in a flat out lie
  90. O.T. Anybody ever hear of a professional pitcher strike out 27 in one game?
  91. FBI says Transcript of Flynn's interview "missing"--Wonder why?
  92. Hey dw
  93. NY Gov Cuomo & MSM Cartoon, too funny
  94. Buffy still bringing the heat:
  95. Awesome opinion from Illinois Judge
  96. Bueller...Bueller...Buller
  97. What are the thoughts on this?
  98. We're officially in an alternate universe.
  99. Will the media bash these protests like they did the conservatives'?
  100. Instant Karma...
  101. I think we can alllll dig on this....
  102. We all know Trayvon, Mike Brown, George Floyd....
  103. When will a group called Profa form?
  104. GOP cucks like Ben Sasse and Britain's Boris Johnson
  105. Hypothetical: If the USA broke up (like the former USSR)....
  106. Trump campaign attacking Biden for supporting Robert E Lee citizenship restoration
  107. Next time someone says BLM is peaceful
  108. Big majority of Americans (all races) are satisfied with local police
  109. Minneapolis might be burned completely to the ground after the trial:
  110. Police Budgets being slashed...
  111. Nobody on here going to comment about Mattis?
  112. Bad news for those with TDS
  113. Biden claims 10-15% of Americans not good people
  114. Baizuo, do you know one?
  115. Minneapolis has voted to disband police
  116. Univ of Washington asking professors to openly discriminate
  117. Warner Bros stripping Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam of guns
  118. Inside the mind of a BLM Woman
  119. 5/31 - Chicago sees 18 murders in 24 hours
  120. Lawsuit filed against MI, Counties reporting more "registered voters" than those
  121. Cops and Live PD have been cancelled
  122. Greta Thornburg must be a genius with an IQ of 200
  123. Time to show some respect for cops; great 2 minute video
  124. BLM Eulogy of Fidel Castro is Quite Tessing. Proving They Hate Our Country
  125. Coverage of Biden back in the day
  126. If there's a moderator on the site I need some help please
  127. This is an interesting Twitter thread.
  128. You can no longer have sex specific bathrooms or dress codes per the supreme court:
  129. Someone tell me this is fake (NYC supposedly welding Jewish playground shut)
  130. Far lefties trying to intentionally spread COVID at Trump rally
  131. George Soros is funding antifa
  132. Atlanta based radio talk show dj reporting
  133. I have lost the ability to post from my home personal computer
  134. Teen vogue singing the praises of Karl 17ing Marx
  135. Pelosi, Schumer, and other Dems wearing slave trader garb
  136. The GOP is going to get destroyed in November
  137. Yale is racist!
  138. Petty crime will get dangerous if the police really back up from enforcement.
  139. Any thoughts on Democrats wearin' slave trader garb????
  140. Twitter leading the way
  141. This past weekend
  142. I would take advantage of this, but it's crazy.
  143. Cops ambushed in Tampa
  144. Are potential new members to this site being ignored? I've been waiting 3 weeks
  145. Minneapolis neighborhood decided to not call police
  146. They violently rioted over this person in this situation?
  147. Don't usually agree with Bill Maher but he gets it on Cancel Culture and SJW's
  148. Jim Crow Laws alive and well in Oregon....
  149. CA Dems call for renaming of John Wayne airport
  150. DNC Tweets Mt Rushmore is a display of white supremacy.
  151. "The Silent Majority"
  152. How can there be systemic racism and white supremacy when observing this
  153. "Racist White Utah GOPers" Vote in Former NFL Great Burgess Owens
  154. CNN Reporter asks WH Press Secty "Does Trump Wish the South
  155. Boris Johnson opens 3 million Hong Kongers to become British citizens
  156. I think MSU should be defunded along with the police:
  157. The GOP wants to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth
  158. Feel good story for a change:
  159. What do you call a Religious person who says "the end is near" ? answer: Nut Job
  160. First town to recognize polyamorous relationships...
  161. Trump's 4th of July Mount Rushmore Speech: One Of, If not THE Greatest of All Time.
  162. Are we removing the Indian name(s)
  163. Resentment versus Gratitude--- Which Side do You Fall on?
  164. This shit has got to stop
  165. This is just cruel and wanton by the SUn Herald
  166. Liberals Arguing Over Cancel Culture; The Radicals are Lying, Here's Proof IMO
  167. St. Louis Prosecutor Still Pursuing Couple Who Brandished Guns On Their Own Property
  168. BLM is Run by Self Proclaimed Marxists Hiding Under SJW Security Blanket
  169. Beyond powerful
  170. The chutzpah of the Minnesota Governor would be funny
  171. Fascinating mask stat
  172. Facts that Dispel lies of America being Racist.
  173. Not sure if this is a straight news site or parody,
  174. From the national museum of African American history and culture
  175. You've got to give it to the left for how thoroughly they have racialized higher
  176. Portland Riots, Washington & Jefferson statues toppled, Mayor doesn't give a 17
  177. I guess Black Lives really don
  178. Woke and racists are lined up in beliefs
  179. I don't even know how to title this. It's just sickness and evil. The mindset..
  180. Giants pitcher didn't kneel during anthem
  181. Every time I start to think people aren't that oppressed,
  182. This is a heartwarming video:
  183. Colorado City runs ANTIFA out of town.
  184. Trump supporting GA Dem demolishes MSNBC's Vernon Jones (this is REALLY good)
  185. Portland protestors burning bibles and flags.
  186. One of the most powerful things I've ever watched.